I have followed DMS Innovation for the Pizza Pallet, Hybrid Pizza Box and the Pizza Porter for 10 years, who is ARRRC LLC?

When we were enabled to bring back the reuse pizza box, we wanted a household phrase embodying our product, legacy and future. ARRRC, a pseudonym for Archie, our main product, standing for “Always Reliable, Reusable, Recyclable Container” is our product and is what we stand for, reuse and a greener ZeroWaste approach to take-out purchases, to the extent we can be. We chose to change the name for the sake of promoting a themed business around our goal and product line(s). Although the former models are still patented and viable, unless specifically demanded, we are focused on the “new and improved” Pizza Porter line of Archie and Arty products for future sales.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship best price ground by USPS, FedEx or UPS within the United States and Canada. We will refer you to licensed dealers in other countries where available, otherwise we will contract best price for international shipping with your approval to cost before shipping.

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact us for volume orders and pricing, either by the contact form or call (925) 786-9054.

When will product be ready for me to use?

The 16” Archie and Arty models will be available October 2019 for all shipments. The 12” Arty model and the 18” Arty model will be available for October shipment. Archie models of the 12” and 18” will follow in 2020 as demand grows. The 8” Archie model is scheduled for early of 2020, there will be no Arty model of this 8” size. Samples of the 16” Arty and Archie models are available for demonstration in October 2019.

Can Archie and Arty stand the heat?

Ok, first and immediate response is YES! Now the big, WHY? HDPE plastic has a large range of temperature tolerance. We have chosen the higher range of material, so when your pizza comes out of the oven, fully cooked at 189-199 degrees Fahrenheit or average 89 degrees Celsius, it can go directly into the container and on its way home. Given the cheese will melt and burn the top of the roof of your mouth down to 160 degrees, don’t be in a big hurry to get home, all will be well and good once you get there safely. OK, your saying WHAT? my pizza is cooked at 700-900 degrees in 90 seconds, it must be 700 degrees when it comes out of the oven cooked. Not really, that is why it only takes 90 seconds to fully cook, any and all pizzas regardless of size or density is fully cooked and at its best presentation within the range stated above, based on crust thickness, cheese density and topping volume. (Wait, my delivery guy brings my pizza in a heated protective bag, is this an issue? No, most heated devices used in the delivery of pizza is no hotter than 225 degrees Fahrenheit, not an issue!)

Do you offer any promotional or fundraising options?

What do you have in mind? We are a start-up company, looking for visible ways to promote reuse through Green and Sustainable initiatives. We are open to working with you on new and creative methods of reuse promotion.

Drone - really, robotic delivery - honest?

Yes, the Archie model is designed for being picked up from the cover and can be connected for drone delivery by either the cover or tray conveniently. There are companies currently building momentum for golf course delivery by drone. Watching the news, they are experimenting with drone donut delivery and pizza delivery. In addition, we are harnessing volume by having a method to stack multiple boxes to the extent of weight tolerance of the drone methodology. There are colleges/universities using robotic delivery to campus student locations. Our reuse boxes take those delivery concepts to an even higher/greener level. Think one step further in any other delivery concept option in discussion, on the design boards or in testing and we are right there on that forefront with a “right now” product improving those solutions.

Water, water everywhere, very little available to use in cleaning?

We have designed this box expressly to reduce collection or adhesion of food or bacteria. This reduces the water requirement of home use cleaning. Please watch for our “Pizza Box Cleaning Challenge video”, where we offer up a challenge to users to see how little water they can use to provide a clean and sanitary - next use Archie or Arty. In addition, technologically, water efficient commercial dishwashers reduce water use per cycle down to as low as 1.7 gallons with average being 4 gallons and older models consuming 8 gallons per cycle. Given a cycle can clean 5-7 boxes with the average 4 gallon models, we are at less than gallon, (potentially a quart), and COMPLETELY temperature, cleaning fluid safe and durable at normal 140-150 degree temperatures.

What about microwave safe?

Given our boxes are 13-20” in diameter - really big, few fit in microwave ovens for that reason. We are in favor of using less energy by reheating one or two slices on a glass plate requiring one-third the time to heat and less cumbersome of challenge dealing with the take home reuse container.

Ok then, good argument on microwaving, what about refrigerator or freezer safe?

Now your talking, yes, absolutely, our boxes are stackable, cleanly store and again based on size, (same issue) can be placed in a refrigerator or freezer “as is” for temporary storage of stored in reuse box food goods, or hobby goods as well. -Remember these reuse boxes are not fully sealed when closed, so temporary storage is good for 3-7 days with minimal to no food taste quality degradation, unless of course, you store it next to your baked cod or tilapia. Our boxes withstand temps to below -20 Fahrenheit with minimal difference to flex and surprisingly can be handled easier than frozen glass containers.

What liners are acceptable to use with Archie and Arty?

We have tested wax paper liners and do not believe they add any value to the quality of your take-out pizza. Our customers have had very favorable results with the Perfect Crust pizza liners but have no relationship with Smart Packaging LLC dba Perfect Crust to confirm added value.

I have seen pizza boxes with multiple vents for added moisture dispersion, why do you only have 4?

We went conservative for those using the box for both pizza and other food items. Feel free to get a drill and your favorite template or pattern and add as many holes as you feel valuable. Let us know if you need help in design or methodology of clean drill holes.

Any other questions?

Please use the contact form for any questions about our product or policies.

Simply rotate cover to the right to remove or to the left to fasten

Simply rotate cover to the right to remove or to the left to fasten