One of the most versatile of plastics, well tested over 70 years on the market and one of the most widely used. It is FDA approved with a potential life of 50 years or more. It is lightweight yet strong, stain resistant, easily cleaned, impact resistant, weather resistant temp range -20 to 250 degrees, resists mold and mildew and malleable to our needs as a reuse pizza box. As a safe and logical storage or carry container, HDPE is durable, sensible and smart choice for reuse storage and transportation of multiple food and household items.


With care, your reuse pizza box can act as a pizza box, drone delivery food carrier, walk-in food container, (note the tare weight chart for easy access to tare weight for reuse in a commercial location. Recent studies include of six types of packaging found that plastics can deliver more food with significantly less waste, energy use, and global warming potential than alternatives and carbon footprint analysis of traditional carrier methods to plastic.


At end - of - life, this box is ready for a new life, YES, the HDPE #2 can be recycled into new products more than 5 times, so your current pizza box can come back as a shampoo bottle, storage container, outdoor patio furniture, automobile parts, trash cans or recycle bins and more…