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ARRRC Reuse Pizza Box - Your Pizza Box for Life

Stack of 16” reuse trays action ready

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Reliable, Reusable, Recyclable

Designed from your needs and demands for a reuse box, we have strengthened the box for handling conventionally from below or “NOW” above from the cover. The boxes can stack for tighter storage or stack to carry multiple boxes at a time more securely. The boxes can last years with basic care. They are washable - manually or in a dishwasher and store in their side or stacked. There are 2 options for covers, the interior cover allows for secure carrying from the tray, has a heat vent and allows for stacking. The exterior cover latches and allows the pizza to be carried or transported from above by the cover. The box at end-of-life can be recycled as any normal soda bottle or milk container.


Carry-out your way

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"The new carrier for take out foods, your pizza box for life."


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Reuse Pizza Porter Origination

We have been perfecting the reusable pizza box since 2008 when we created trays for transporting uncooked pizzas to a outdoor pizza oven. Realized there was more we could do and created the Pizza Pallet, the Hybrid Pizza Box and now the Pizza Porter. Better known as (affectionately) ARRRC (Archie) and ARRRT (Arty). ARRRC standing for Always Reliable, Reusable, Recyclable Container or ARRRT, Always Reliable, Reusable, Recyclable Transport. These boxes can carry hot or cold product, such as pizza, bakery goods, appetizers/vegetable trays and will securely stack for bigger events and parties.