Arty (Blank interior cover - Pizza Porter)

Arty (Blank interior cover - Pizza Porter)

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The “clear neutral color” tray currently comes in 12” and 16” sizes. (We will be adding 8” and 18” soon.) Easy lift off access to Pizza or other items. The box will hold 4-6 lbs easily supported by the cover. This box is HDPE #2 recyclable food grade plastic and NSF certified.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of this product.

Pizza Porter - Arty:
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There are several options for our reuse boxes. Tray and cover come in neutral color. Tray is also available in black (in volume) as a special order at the same price. Other colors can be specified, contact for volume pricing.

If you want the economy option, the blank cover reduces the overall price of the box. It is still stackable, reusable, dishwasher or hand-wash safe, has a vent and remove cover fastener.

If you want to carry the container from above, we will be offering a harness that can connect to a remotely controlled carrier or manually.

We will be added vent holes and plugs in the event you want some of the evaporative moisture to escape.

We have also built in a future option of heat/cool ceramic stones. For those that can work out an agreement with your pizzaiolo or you home chef’s, stones can be heated as your pizza cooks, these stones go into slots in the tray to maintain the temperature of the pizza for an extended period.